Race Results

Feel the Speed River Challenge Race Results 2012, first place

Mens C-2 (15 km): Bob Vincent & Keir Johnston (1:32:16)

Mixed C-2 (15 km): Stan Machacek & Karen Simpson (1:37:42)

IFC K-1 (20 km): Tamlyn Bohm (1:49:31)

Rec Adult Junior (10 km): Zack Cordick & Ray Healy (1:16:20)

Mens Rec (10 km): Kevin Hanbury & Bruce Weber (1:31:54)

Mixed Rec (10 km): Maria Ovtcherenko & Natasha Ovtcherenko (1:34:57)

Long Kayak (10 km): Ed Winacott (1:04:25)

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Results of past races

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 We need volunteers to help with the registration, time keeping, boat monitoring as they pass under Black Bridge and other activities so if you are interested contact us!!